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Talking about the distance...

29. srpna 2016 v 21:27 | Veronika |  That Czech Girl Said
Hello from Prague! That Czech girl called Veronika is still alive! Úžasný

Three weeks ago I promised to translate my text about travel to America to meet my Tinder date into English. As I said, I did it - and you can read the whole text on my Bored Panda account ...

I really love this piece; writing an English blog went surprisingly much better than original post in my native language (and I´m still amazed by that), so it gave me the idea to continue with my writing in this way; it´s the best practice for my English. I have to mention that I´m very grateful to my boyfriend Bryan, because he helps me to fight small grammar bugs in my texts (and he´s such a big sweetheart). After only one week spent with the bored pandas around the world, the American Epic Tinder Date blogpost has pretty great success! I never imagined that so many people could like this story - and every time I´m very happy when I or Bryan got a new message from it´s readers. I´m very excited and grateful to all of you!

After many great responses, I started to think about how this story should continue. I really wish I could write another piece about our new Colorado adventures - or even better, American visiting the Prague! But the reality is that me and Bryan are and will be for a while separated by thousands of miles and a freakin´ ocean. Still in love, still together - but just "in spirit". Because this is:


If you asked me a few years ago about having a relationship with a men who lives on the other side of the world, I would probably answer that the idea is totally dumb. No way. Imposible. Why do such a thing?!

So I´m more and more surprised by the fact... That with me and Bryan things actually works.

To be completely honest, it´s not easy peasy. Our biggest problem - the distance - of course pretty sucks. To know that every day after work I´m gonna arrive into empty apartment isn´t very helpful. Our relationship continues on the internet for more than a month now. Even with eight hours difference we´re still able to communicate every day. Call, videochat, or just type a message. It helps to not feel so lonely... What is really fun and also lame side effect of this situation, is that my boyfriend is basically a smartphone.

I won´t leave it just like that in home; not even my external recharger in the case the battery won´t survive the day. Which makes me sometimes looks like a dumb teenager who can´t take an eye and fingers from the screen. ("Guess that´s Bryan," says my dad every time my cellphone rings and he doesn´t even have to look up from his newspaper).

Another side effect which anyone could predicted. Coming back to Prague was in fact like joining a monastery. Watching my boy on the screen is like having a big poster commercial for ice cold Mattoni in the middle of the desert. I went from awesome sex life directly to celibacy. Which I´m of course able to survive; nothing that can´t be fixed by little bit colder shower, am I right?!

So I really can´t say that I´m unhappy. I have a loving boyfriend, I´m looking for a new great job and I´m pretty excited about how our story turned well. My family is also much more supporting than before my first trip to America - they adore Bryan and wish for us to be happy. Even my father accepted that he was wrong about him. "But you´ve been just lucky," he didn´t forgot to add. And I totally get it. So things are pretty awesome! But some nights, after I come home tired from the work, all the shits are circling in my head and it reminds me the truth reality.

In the nearest months Bryan can´t take a vacation from the work he´s employed right now. So when we started to think about his next visit to Czechia, the most possible time of his arrival could be... this December. Which is quite a few long months from now. It hurts to think about that, but it helps me to start plan the whole trip. First we made a deal that we could travel the destinations that none of us ever visited. Budapest is right now our number one.

So all I have to do is stay positive (and work, work and yeah, work hard). Anything can happened in the future! Bryan wishes me to return to Colorado (geez, I can´t say no to that!), so "if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed". There is still the possibility of me traveling back to USA. And to be honest, it could be great to explore more of the Colorado. Three weeks was such a short time. And since the last visit I´ve got a weakness for the view on the Rocky Mountains…

Thank you for reading and stay awesome! I hope that soon I´ll be able to tell you some interesting news. You can follow me on my Instagram, or Twitter account (which is not dead, it only looks like that :D). Wish you all the best!

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