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Říjen 2016

Halloween mission: Princess Mononoke! (part I.)

24. října 2016 v 21:44 | Berenika |  That Czech Girl Said
Halloween is coming and I can see it everywhere! There is something exciting in the air and even when the leaves are already falling down from the trees and every day is colder, little bit gloomier, whole Denver and Colorado is trembling with excitement for this precious time. For me, it's actually the first time of celebrating Halloween. To see all houses decorated with pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and all that funny stuff is something that I've seen just in movies until now. We already bought a pumpkin for Jack'o'Lantern and there is just one more thing that needs to be done before the holiday. My mask.

I've been thinking about something very easy, one-use cheap costume. But Bryan took it totally from the other side. He loves Halloween (what American doesn't?) and his own costume is just perfection. So he wanted the same thing for me.

From all thousands and thousands of possibilities, we chose princess Mononoke.

50 Shades of Veronika’s ass - a travel blog containing Czech new wine, pain and sweaty t-shirts

7. října 2016 v 3:18 | Czech Chick Veronika |  That Czech Girl Said
Since the last blog entry a lot of things have happened.

First - The story of our Tinder date has circled the globe.

Second - My left ass cheek shows the colors of space.

Third - I'm back in Colorado with Bryan.

So one after another. Translating the Tinder date story into english took our pictures on a joyride around the world wide web. It was awesome and insane at the same time. And to be completely honest, these articles and comments made me pretty horrified at the start. But thanks to Bryan, who is just a perfect human being, I realized that I shouldn't care too much about their content. It wasn't really important how totally strange people were writing about us, even if it was trashy and not very nice; the best thing was that our story went out. And I was touched by many reactions I've got from our readers - even more it was amazing to hear about your own stories. Thank you for that (and if you want to be in touch with me, you can write on my Instagram page or email: