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Since the last blog entry a lot of things have happened.

First - The story of our Tinder date has circled the globe.

Second - My left ass cheek shows the colors of space.

Third - I'm back in Colorado with Bryan.

So one after another. Translating the Tinder date story into english took our pictures on a joyride around the world wide web. It was awesome and insane at the same time. And to be completely honest, these articles and comments made me pretty horrified at the start. But thanks to Bryan, who is just a perfect human being, I realized that I shouldn't care too much about their content. It wasn't really important how totally strange people were writing about us, even if it was trashy and not very nice; the best thing was that our story went out. And I was touched by many reactions I've got from our readers - even more it was amazing to hear about your own stories. Thank you for that (and if you want to be in touch with me, you can write on my Instagram page or email: vera.dolezel@gmail.com).

Still I can't quite forget several memorable moments from our internet fame. It was actually funny that in these internet stories I turned into a pretty twisted lunatic girl, who had just spent her "life savings" (haha, life savings, is this even a real thing?) to go around the world to meet her DESTINED love. To describe the whole story just like this, it sounds terrible. Jop, just what the tabloid websites needed. So that's the reason I'm pretty happy that I wrote my own version of the story. I don't regret it at all, because I told the story how it actually was. And I'm satisfied - and even more I was pleasantely surprised when Czech Barrandov TV did an interview with me and Bryan! (you can find the links for videos at the end of this post).

(A few screenshots from the last Barrandow video. On my side of the planet it was 13:00 (1 PM) during the shoot. In Colorado... It was 5:00 (AM)! He was still a little bit sleepy but he stole every Czech heart - you can also find this link below!)

Despite the internet craziness… My life during the last few months back in Prague was quite monotonous. Work, call Bryan, sleep, write a little, another call with Bryan, sleep, call Bryan, work. Bryan was pretty busy with his new job too - for one week he even went to Boston for training and he started to fall in love with his new gig (I was relieved, happy, and bit jealous all in the same moment; finding a great job that you enjoy isn't very easy - but he did it and that's great!). I was afraid that he wouldn't like his newfound fame, but Bryan took it absolutely from the other side as I did. He loved it. "Make me Czech famous babe!" Sometimes I wish I could have his great attitude.

So it didn't take a long time - thanks to the many articles written about us something pretty awesome has happened.

Bryan was contacted by Tinder. And they just gave us an opportunity that no one could say no.

So halfway through September I started to pack my things and said goodbye to my old work, a few friends, and my family. Because trust it or not, I was about to fly back to Colorado - for three whole months! I would've never expected that such a thing could happened so fast after my first trip to the USA. Getting back to Bryan solved the whole distance problem in one snap. We're so happy for this help - Tinder saved our asses so much. And I was - and still I am - very glad and grateful for all people who made it happen.

Saturday the 17th of September was the date. At 12:30 I was supposed to jump on my airplane and leave straight to New York, where I had to wait four hours for next flight to Denver. But because it's me, I guess that something had to happen before my departure.

Friday night before my flight; Me, my dad, mom and her boyfriend Standa were chilling at one of Prague's small pubs at Vysočany. My last day at Prague was pretty hectic, I just had that one day to finish all necessities and packing. So I was pretty relieved that I could sit down with my folks for a goodbye beer and some nice chitchat. Prague had been scorched by the sun for a whole week and that Friday night rain started to pour on our burned city. I wanted to call the night off and have some good sleep before my flight - but instead of leaving the pub, as a decent woman should, I found myself falling from the stairs of a restaurant's garden. It was a quite unforgettable moment for my mom and dad; they saw the whole grotesque hard fall on my ass. Truly, the city was crying for me that night. I couldn't cry, because hey, I'm an adult. But instead of crying I was hissing curses at two teenage girls who just came to watch a reality show full of pain.

Saturday morning I was about to drive to my moms place with my suitcase and backpack - all of us were suppose to drive together to the airport. I was nervous and my poor aching ass just started to turn into glorious colors of dark blue. But some unexpected technical issues delayed my flight from Prague to New York for more than four hours. That drastically changed plans. With the delay there was a pretty high chance that instead of transferring on the plane to the Denver I would have to stay in New York for a whole night. And then I would be able to catch the next flight on Sunday. I didn't want to try this with my current luck. So I rebooked my flight and stayed for one more day with my folks. Thankfully it turned out to be pretty awesome. Can you imagine to sit for 18 hours with my poor painful ham in the airplane?

(To illustrate the point - so you can hiss in pain during looking at this blue spot...)

So it wasn't actually planed like this, but I spent my last Saturday at Prague at a new wine festival with my dad. It was great - we were in good spirits, we enjoyed great drinks and snacks and dad wished me good luck. It nearly had me in tears again. But you know, grown ups do not weep. And did I mentioned that my ass hurt? Well, never mind.

It was Sunday the 18th when I was finally on my way to the USA. I have to confess that I was pretty scared of the whole immigration process. I already went through my first interview at Prague's Václav Havel airport and it always feels pretty weird. "Why are you going to the United States? Who packed your luggage? Do you have any weapons with you?" I haven't mentioned this in my last several blog entries, but I'm traveling with ESTA. This acts as a tourist visa that lasts for two years and after you land, you can stay in the United States for 90 days at a time. But having the ESTA paper doesn't mean that you're able to automatically get into the States. If the immigration officer will find you "suspicious" (that you're not visiting the USA as a tourist, but for illegal work opportunities), you can immediately fly back home. I've heard so many not very pleasant stories about "evil officers" that my stomach twists every time I think about it. It's not that I have a reason to be scared because of a bad conscience. Because I'm a freelance writer I can do my work from anywhere. But many of my friends planted this fear into me, so I really can't help but think about it when I'm about to go through immigration control.

I got off the airplane at J.F.K. sweaty, cold, and nervous. I went right to the end of an insanely long line to meet my "officer on duty". And did I mention my butt ache?

The line took half of an hour of my life. I felt a little bit sick, I could felt that a cold sore was about to appear on my lip - which was perfect, because a face with a swollen lips is really what you want to show your boyfriend after two months of separation. Finally, there was a officer who took care of me. He was tough and perfectly blond. He gave me just two questions.

"Why are you coming to the States? Ah, oh yeah... and what do you do for a living?"

I answered, and he gave a new stamp for my passport and said probably the most beautiful thing I heard that day:

"Welcome back, miss."


I wish you could see that wide smile on my pale face. I was in the USA once again. And it felt absolutely great.

The next few hours I spent just hanging around J.F.K. - looking for some place to have a hot tea and lots of napkins (although I felt good and healthy at Prague - and we're not even talking about my ass here-, I had to catch a cold on the flight to New York). The next flight to Denver was painfully long - you know, my ass again - but it was so worth it.

Bryan was already at the Denver airport, waiting for me. And as I mentioned a couple of times, he's a big sweetheart - so he knew how to welcome me back.

So I finally got back to the US. Honestly, I've been struggling with this blog post for almost three weeks. Since I got here, we had something to do every day. Soon you can expect new stories about how USA-Czech relations are getting along.

Since I left the United States in July, I started to be afraid that this relationship wouldn't survive for a long time, even when I really wished for the opposite. I'm not rich enough to make money so fast to get back to Bryan, and just this summer he got a new job from which he just couldn't run for a vacation (at the very beginning). I was afraid that the pain from the distance between us will make us give up someday. These worries were the worst, but on the other side Bryan was great. He helped me smile again every time we were chatting together - we were even talking about a trip to the Czech Republic that he could make at the end of the year. This long distance relationship was really worth it. He was worth it. But I could feel that not even he can be so strong for such a long time - because for real we didn't know when or where we could see each other again. We just tried to improvise as much as was possible.

To write a blog about us was a way to tell myself how great this whole thing was and still is. Writing about the Ultimate Tinder Date story reminded me that I should be happy instead of whining. It was pretty awesome that I met Bryan. It was something really special. And as long as we could live like this, we should be happy with each other.

And in this moment, Tinder gave us a hand. It was Tinder who got us together in the first place, thanks to an absolutely crazy coincidence. And now, it is Tinder who brings us together again.

They offered to buy an airplane ticket and arrange a weekend trip for us. Tinder, you rule so much. Thanks to you, we made awesome memories together this past summer. And hanks to you, we can make even more memories this Fall.

Thanks for reading this post! Please share this story with your friends! Awkward love can happen to you too!

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The Billfold (Bryan's favorite, author Ester Bloom) - Maybe don't spend your life savings meeting some dude from Tinder.

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