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Halloween mission: Princess Mononoke! (part I.)

24. října 2016 v 21:44 | Berenika |  That Czech Girl Said
Halloween is coming and I can see it everywhere! There is something exciting in the air and even when the leaves are already falling down from the trees and every day is colder, little bit gloomier, whole Denver and Colorado is trembling with excitement for this precious time. For me, it's actually the first time of celebrating Halloween. To see all houses decorated with pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and all that funny stuff is something that I've seen just in movies until now. We already bought a pumpkin for Jack'o'Lantern and there is just one more thing that needs to be done before the holiday. My mask.

I've been thinking about something very easy, one-use cheap costume. But Bryan took it totally from the other side. He loves Halloween (what American doesn't?) and his own costume is just perfection. So he wanted the same thing for me.

From all thousands and thousands of possibilities, we chose princess Mononoke.

It's years back since I wanted to do her cosplay for Japan manga and anime cons in the Czech Republic, but actually? I've been too shy and never really skillful for making a proper costume. But this time I'm in team up with very creative and dedicated person! It's pretty awesome to see how Bryan is excited about the whole thing!

So... The Princess Mononoke. My favorite Say is an incredible character and to do a costume of her is actually not very hard... If you've been ever interested about already existing cosplay, there is plenty of them. They gave us Idea what we should do and on the other side what not.

The main task is about her mask with fur and few accessories and all creations of the internet are in some parts quite different. So we went to a few shops to grab things we needed most. Here is the full list.

2 x foam cones
2 x foam brushes
3 x smooth half foam
1 x brick of foam
1 x smooth hollow foam
Set of basic tools
4 x colors - sweet potato / orange / lemon chiffon / antique white
2 x black laces
Pearl stones
2 yards of fur

We went shopping at Michael's and JoAnn fabric and craft stores. This stuff is just for a mask with fur and small accessories, I still have to search through shops for the right dresses. The main big half hollow foam will be the mask itself, three smaller smooth half foams should be for mouth and eyes. Two foam cones should be for ears.Bryan also wants to curve big claws for the necklaces
The main big half hollow foam will be the mask itself, three smaller smooth half foams should be for mouth and eyes. We use two foam cones for ears - and Bryan also wants to curve big claws for the necklaces cape from the one simple brick of foam. Pearl stones and black laces should be for accessories Mononoke wears on her arm and forehead. Wish us luck and watch our Instagram page, because this will be terrific!


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