Listopad 2016

The Ultimate Tinder Date Guide: Should you travel around the world to meet your love interest?

28. listopadu 2016 v 22:53 | Berenice |  Travels
It's a while since I was scrolling through my emails and I found a message with a simple headline: I need an advice.

Many of you wrote me in the last couple of months kind words of support or your own heartwarming stories of finding love thanks to dating apps or internet chat. And a couple of you also asked for help.

Should you do the same thing as I did? Travel around the world to meet a friend, possible love interest? Well, the answer is really up to you guys - but at least I have a few words of well-meant advice that you can take close to your heart.

Halloween mission: Princess Mononoke! (part II. - Final mask!)

11. listopadu 2016 v 0:03 | Berenice |  That Czech Girl Said
It's quite a few days since I enjoyed Halloween celebration for the first time. I promised you photos from our mask making process - and here they are.

I wish I could do this much more sooner, but I found myself clenched between many deadlines. I'm very sorry that I can't pay much more attention to my blog. Even when I have very short time in a day to write some texts, I'll try my best in next week to finish blog post what I promised. The last couple of days has been rough. It was partly a fault of election craziness - and I felt terrible after announcing its results. But what is done it's done.

Let's change the subject - our work on princess Mononoke costume went flawlessly! The whole process took us two days, lots of beer and nerves. In last blog post, you could see what we used for the mask (link is here).