Halloween mission: Princess Mononoke! (part II. - Final mask!)

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It's quite a few days since I enjoyed Halloween celebration for the first time. I promised you photos from our mask making process - and here they are.

I wish I could do this much more sooner, but I found myself clenched between many deadlines. I'm very sorry that I can't pay much more attention to my blog. Even when I have very short time in a day to write some texts, I'll try my best in next week to finish blog post what I promised. The last couple of days has been rough. It was partly a fault of election craziness - and I felt terrible after announcing its results. But what is done it's done.

Let's change the subject - our work on princess Mononoke costume went flawlessly! The whole process took us two days, lots of beer and nerves. In last blog post, you could see what we used for the mask (link is here).


All of this stuff we used for making a mask, fur coat with the necklace with three claws and small accessories. Because I've never worked with styro foam like this, Bryan took on himself a challenge to do the mask and I was helping with a minor stuff. My challenge was to find clothes from which I could make San's dress. But let's take a look first on the mask making.

I was working on shaping the claws for a necklace that was holding San's coat and ears.

Three pieces of styro foam with holes in them were for eyes and mouth of the mask. Nice doughnuts, don't you think? You can see almost finished claws for necklace and ears. Soon after Bryan did holes into big hollow half of styro foam and shaped it, he started to use paints.

The work of the first day was finished! We've been able to glue eyes and mouth to mask. You can see the first tryout on upper picture, still just plain mask. What you can't see are sky goggles we glued on the inside of the mask so I could wear it easily. Bryan had done an awesome job with colors!

And also you can see already prepared the dress for San's costume. This part was easy and hard the same time - I spent a couple of hours shopping and finally I found the ideal dress, sweater and also shoes in Goodwill. I just needed to use my own hands and scissors to make it look exactly as I wanted. The result was awesome.


Bryan tried out mask again and everything was fine, so... The last thing we needed to do was a fur. How to attach it to a mask?! This was probably the trickiest part. Glue it? Sew it? Well, we tried to do it by our own way. Let's take a look!

The coat was finally done - and it looked great!

So there was the worst part. How to attach the fur to mask? Well, we tried first glue, but that wasn't a good idea. So Bryan took a duck tape and wire. Look here what he has done.

It worked so well! We've been a little bit scared that mask won't hold a fur and it could be broken by its weight. But mask held that perfectly.

Still, we haven't been done. We had to figure out how to attach ears to the mask. It took us another few hours to think how to do it. Bryan again proved that he has great ideas. Look at this.

We used an old baseball cap and again the same wires. We had to be very careful not to break styro foam. After that, we only had to do small cut into fur attached to the mask.

Finally! It was done! We improvised with this mask challenge for two days and at the end, the mask was done! We've been pretty tired after this, but the result was an absolute success.

Look at the pics from trick and treat!

Thank you for reading! If you like our work, share this article!

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