The Ultimate Tinder Date Guide: Should you travel around the world to meet your love interest?

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It's a while since I was scrolling through my emails and I found a message with a simple headline: I need an advice.

Many of you wrote me in the last couple of months kind words of support or your own heartwarming stories of finding love thanks to dating apps or internet chat. And a couple of you also asked for help.

Should you do the same thing as I did? Travel around the world to meet a friend, possible love interest? Well, the answer is really up to you guys - but at least I have a few words of well-meant advice that you can take close to your heart.

The email I received was from a girl - let's call her Emily. She wrote me very simple and short message about her dilemma and I tried to answer as much sincerely as I was able. Write her back reminded me how excited and also terrified I was before my first trip to the USA. So what I shared with Emily I also want to share with you guys - to let you know what I learned from my first trip to meet my Tinder match. We all are masters of our own fate - and I'm really happy that I've done this decision. Maybe this piece can help you decide if you want to make the first step of your own epic journey.

So, let's start from the beginning.

Somehow it happened that you found a great person over the internet. According to you, he or she is the whole package. It can be a start of an awesome friendship. But if you wanna try more and you're sure that the attraction is mutual?

Both of you should not be afraid to talk to each other.

Not just by writing on chat, but you both should try to communicate even on video. It's still not a "face to face" communication (if you remember, this thing was a thorn in the eye of my family), but at least you can say after a few calls to yourself that you like the other person on your screen, that you like him or her as a good friend and you're fine to talk with him/her. The same positive feeling should be on the other side. Which brings us to the next thing.

Be honest with each other and comfortable as it's possible.

If the honesty is not going to work, if there is anything that you don't trust or you don't feel good about, don't let push yourself into anything you don't like. Mutual trust is pretty important. At least you'll know that you have something common with each other and that's a good start. Before my first trip to the USA, I was writing and talking with Bryan every day for three months. And I'm very serious, we just couldn't stop. Both of you should think about it - if you're comfortable to move your friendship at a new level - and agree if you wanna spend some time with each other. If that work between you two, there is another very important thing.

You should not expect that your possible trip to him (or her) would make you two a couple.

There is still a chance that you would not like each other. "Knowing" a person over the internet and meeting him/her in the real world is a different experience. You never ever can be sure what is going to happened until you'll meet "alive".
If you two want to do such a thing, do it - and you should expect to meet just a "good friend" from the internet. I'm telling you this because it's better to save yourself from a disappointment. I still remember how scared I was on my way to Denver - that Bryan would not like me and maybe I won't like him so much too. It was possible that something like this could have happened. We've been just pretty lucky. And I still think that go on this trip and meet my "nowadays" boyfriend was the best thing I've done in my life.

Don't put your heart into it so much.

Please, don't. You should not let yourself fall into great expectations and fantasies. Even if you believe that guy or girl is a treasure, remembers that the Internet is a place full of terrors. I let myself burn lots of times before I went to the United States. Be careful and don't let anyone broke your heart. No guy or girl is worth it if they hurt you. Be brave and always wary of every possibility. And try to enjoy yourself as much as it's possible.

Meet at a specific place - and try to prepare for yourself at least one EXIT plan.

It takes a lot's of trust to travel around the world to meet your internet crush. Before you'll do it, you should know where this meeting will happen, who will be there and how much time you'll spend there. The perfect possibility is to arrange together a "date" somewhere in the midway. For example: is she from the USA? And you're from Poland? You can arrange a joint trip - France, Austria, or Czech Republic! Together you can experience a unique adventure!
Also, don't forget your EXIT plan. Both of you should have one - and your friends and family should know specific plan as well. If the things between you won't work out well, at least you'll have for yourself a safe place for a couple of nights and alternative program until you'll be able to go back home (the best possibility - if you have some relatives or friends in the country you're about to visit, don't be scared to ask them for short Couchsurfing!). There is no reason to spend your time with a person who's definitely not your type.


This could be for you a life-changing experience. Enjoy every minute of it!

I hope this was helpful for you guys! You can vote in my small survey down under my article. If you like this piece, share it with your friends! See ya in a new blog post, which I want to upload pretty soon! Be brave and stay awesome!

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Would you ever travel to a different country for a date with person you know from the Internet?

I already have done it (and it was good!)
I already have done it (and never more!)
No, never ever - it's foolish and dangerous!


1 annaseveru annaseveru | Web | 1. prosince 2016 v 10:19 | Reagovat

To je fakt pěkný, že vám to vyšlo! Moje zkušenost s tímhle byla nejdřív dobrá, a pak jsme se stejně rozešli, takže bych do toho už asi nešla (taky to stálo spoustu nervů a peněz), ale rozhodně držim palce do budoucna.

2 Veronika Veronika | E-mail | Web | 1. prosince 2016 v 23:44 | Reagovat

[1]: Díky za koment! Hele, to se právě ještě uvidí, jak to s námi dopadne - jsme teprve na začátku, dalo by se říct :/ :D Mívám občas pocit, že to nebude mít budoucnost, ale pak si vždycky vzpomenu na všechny věci, co jsme spolu už stihli prožít a dává mi to naději, že to opravdu můžeme zvládnout. Uvidí se, kam nás ta naše zapeklitá budoucnost zavede :D BTW - dám si do hledáčku tvůj blog, naprosto mě fascinoval fakt, že jsi byla v Uppsale!

3 annaseveru annaseveru | Web | 6. prosince 2016 v 21:19 | Reagovat

[2]: Já myslim, že když budete hodně chtít tak to určitě nějak půjde, ale chápu, že je to pěkně komplikovaná situace. V Uppsale jsem teď skoro každej víkend, můžu ti poslat pohled! :D Mimochodem, co je fascinujícího na Uppsale, historie? Ne, že bych to nechápala, čistě ze zvědavosti.
Jinak mně připadá samozřejmě fascinující, že jsi teď v Americe a tak! Je zvláštní, kam se nakonec lidi dostanou. A tvůj blog čtu už poměrně dlouho, teda ještě od předbrianovské éry, jsem tichá pozorovatelka.

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