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Leden 2017

The review of my year 2016

2. ledna 2017 v 19:22 | Veronica |  That Czech Girl Said
It's the beginning of January 2017 and I woke up terribly thirsty after a New Year's Eve celebration. I'm alone in my flat in Prague and I have to fight with a load of sad sentiment again.

When I'm alone, I do overthink things too much. My brain is great at picking the worst of the worst memories and playing them on repeat for the whole day. But this time, since it's this special New Year's day, I can use it for my own good. Damn you terrible skeptical, crybaby brain. I'll do this in a good way - I'll review this year properly and if I should cry, it would be because of the huge amount of happiness. And maybe I'll learn something important from it.