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Květen 2017

Oh May, the month of awesome food at Prague

26. května 2017 v 14:23 | Veronika |  That Czech Girl Ate
Summer is coming so fast and I can't wait until I'll take on my swimsuit and go enjoy some delightful sunshine and outdoor swimming. Since the end of winter, everyone is trying to put down some Christmas kilos to look their best when they'll hit the pool. Well, I won't be one of them, since my body is still in the after-Christmas phase. This May I was eating like a little piglet. Still, it was so much worth it. If you want to eat some great food during your visit to Prague, try these places.

Hello! Did you miss me? I bet you did!

16. května 2017 v 19:13 | Veronika |  Travels
Hello, it's me. Your Veronica, that charming and sweet crazy Czech girl that was writing all these dorky blog posts, is back. it took me some time to move from my dark place. I didn't know for a longer time what to say, what to write, actually even what to do. Sometimes I felt like I can share some of my thoughts but it turned out to be a very bad idea - and I'm really glad that I've never ever posted these things on my blog. I was really really sad, hurt, broken. But after almost four months I feel finally like a normal person that can intellectually and with sweet dorkiness do some fun stuff again. And share it here with you.