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Hello, it's me. Your Veronica, that charming and sweet crazy Czech girl that was writing all these dorky blog posts, is back. it took me some time to move from my dark place. I didn't know for a longer time what to say, what to write, actually even what to do. Sometimes I felt like I can share some of my thoughts but it turned out to be a very bad idea - and I'm really glad that I've never ever posted these things on my blog. I was really really sad, hurt, broken. But after almost four months I feel finally like a normal person that can intellectually and with sweet dorkiness do some fun stuff again. And share it here with you.

So here I am. Today I want to talk with you about my recent journey. I want to show you one of my most favorite places in the Czech Republic, Kroměříž, fantastic and fairytale like the city (actually my own born town! :D) on the part of our country that is called South Moravia. I'm not alone on this journey - there's a very special guy next to me sitting by the bus window.

Ha, I got ya. No, it's not "someone new". It's my ten-year-old brother Adam. And probably it will surprise you that I've never ever done a trip with him like this, just two of us alone. So for this weekend, I bought two tickets for a bus from Prague to Kroměříž and I was pretty excited to do my "big sister" job. You know, show him the whole place, because the last time when he was in Kroměříž is probably when he was a little toddler, and spend with him some great and quality time. Just relax, have fun and you know, say hi to your grandma. So… Wanna know how it turned out?

Our ride with the bus that was supposed to be super comfy, with wifi, caffeine (for me) and sweets (for bro), went from ordinary to little hell. We didn't even leave Prague and poor bro left sick. My question if our momma packed him pills for sick stomach went into nothing, the poor little guy started to sweat and I was scared he will soon use that puking bag I got for him from our driver. But that wasn't even the worst part. Veronica, big sister and intelligent adult human being picked a ride by the bus just at the beginning of a longer weekend. Because next Monday is a national holiday, everyone is leaving Prague and highway D1 is packed. So our little bus trip that was supposed to be "only" three hours… is now sweaty six hours trip.

Glob, what a tool I am. And poor little Adam. This guy is a hero and he needs some ice-cream. Well, maybe after he'll puke his school lunch on me.

But come on guys. Traveling sometimes means some troubles on the way - and even when our asses hurts (and I seriously need some beer for God's sake!) and battery in my phone and Mac is dying, it's gonna be fine.

Bro was so brave. He started puke right in the old center of Brno, just when we arrived in front of that new ugly building that supposes to be a modern architecture. I think everyone feels the same way when the bus from Prague comes around it - it's called OC Letmo and it looks like a weird ugly sponge between old beautiful Brno buildings. Look it up on Google, yuck.

So instead of arriving in Kroměříž at nice and fine 21:00… We arrived at 22:50. Glob, that was so late! But again, he was really brave and at last, we enjoyed our short stay in Brno. I had to take him to Square of Freedom (Náměstí Svobody) and show him "pride" of people in Brno. This clock shaped as a penis. Am I the best sister ever?

And yes, he needed an ice cream (after about 15 minutes after puking, not that bad, ha?) and I seriously needed that beer (yeah, not just one).

So we arrived in quiet and calm night city of Kroměříž and went to sleep at our grandma place. She lives in the calm part of Kroměříž called Barbořina and the view from her window is so peaceful… The houses are almost alike but hers is, of course, special to me. It's filled with many childhood memories and I and my sister spent many holidays and vacations. Adam has this experience different. Since he's so young (there is actually 15 year between us!) he doesn't have so many memories connected with this place as I do. But I hope I'll make this experience for him as great as it's possible.

The weather of our Saturday Moravian morning seemed to be more like "the clouds are ready to let down cats and dogs", but even with bad weather we've planned to go to Flower garden (Květná
) and see the main square of Kroměříž, where is the most perfect view of the castle (and couple of breweries I NEED to visit).

And look at that. Nature tricked us and gave us some delightful surprise.

I was really happy and I bet even my bro was satisfied as hell. Ice-creams, lemonades, animals, the sun and warm weather. Floral garden is a beautiful piece of land and now after so much work done on its reconstruction, it's beyond your imagination. There are two trout ponds (without trout, the name is only historical reference to original use - today you can see there stunning and colorful team of carps), the Rabbit hill with huntress Diana statue on its top (yes, with rabbits inside the hill, really!) and new modern greenhouse where Floran garden crew is preparing flowers, herbs and other beautiful plants for the whole Floral garden.

Of course, you can't miss their small coffee show in the left wing of the Floral garden building. You'll find yourself in a wonderland of citrus, orange trees, tropical plants and calming atmosphere. I bought to myself this wonderful piece of vanilla ice-cream dipped into a chocolate, bro only wanted vanilla ice-cream - but I made it special for him with this dorky fly mug (which accidentally matched his jacket). Our grandma was with us the whole time and she was so cute when she was admiring the work of gardeners. She loves gardening - and the decorations of the whole Floral garden is just breathtaking every year.

After the Floral garden, we knew that the rest of our day will be warm and comfy - but grangran was already very tired so we took her back home and I and Adam took our journey into the center of Kroměříž. Since grandma lives at Barbořina district of the city, the best way to go to the city and see as much as you can is through the gardens of Archbishop castle of Kroměříž. It's six times bigger (!!!) than the Floral garden, in the style of English gardens so it's very natural, there are fewer decorations and it depends more on the comfy space for wild animals. I can't count how many times I walked through lanes of this park with my grandpa - I have so many touching sweet memories from that, even a few very funny (one time my sis and I were almost attacked by a giant swan but grandpa was there to save us!). Every year it's my duty to go back there and enjoy the calm peace and beauty of this place. This Saturday, since it was really great weather, there was a lot of love stoned couples and families, but I and bro really enjoyed ourselves, especially in a small bistro near the Big pond.

So you already know - parks in the Kroměříž are awesome. You have to visit them. Great, ha? But let's not forget about the city itself. If I should suggest a few places that you need to visit, it's going to be Černý Orel and Radniční sklípek. Both great pubs with fantastic beer, food, and atmosphere. I have to confess that visiting one of them was my biggest joy since the last time I was at Kroměříž. I took bro with me of course - we just chilled in the beer garden and played cards. Simple and so calming, I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed. If you'll have a time for visiting these two places, I suggest you should trynon-filtered Maxmilián beer 11th. I wish I could describe why I love this drink, but in the moment I'll start to think about it, my mouth is dry and I seriously NEED a drink (so it the short description - it's DELICIOUS).

So that was our Saturday in Kroměříž! You could really tell how satisfied I was since bro felt asleep almost immediately when we arrived bak to our grangran's place - he wasn't even able to finish his dinner! So I call this day a huge success, even when I was so tired I almost went on fourth up to the stairs at grangran's house. And of course, there was no time to be lazy, we needed to wake up soon in the morning because we REALLY wanted to see this.

Kroměříž Archbishop Castle.

If you still weren't impressed by their gardens, well you need to see this place and take a tour. Last time I visited Archbishop castle was years and years ago, so I was glad I have another chance and reason to go there - all thanks to my little bro. A couple of years ago tour tickets weren't really cheap but today they are for the reasonable price. But since there are masterpieces like Tizian's Apollo and Marsyas in the castle art collection, I would gladly pay any price to get inside and see it.

This time we took a route through the Archbishop representative halls and I have to highly recommend it since you'll see Senate hall, historically famous great ball hall which is known as the most beautiful castle hall in the whole Czech Republic. There was a wish from our tour guide that we should not take pictures during visit but Glob, I couldn't help myself. You need to see this because I'm out of words.

So that was it. At least I took a few shots so you've got at least slight impression. The chandeliers are from Venetian
glasswork and it's simply gorgeous - you can't really see it since our tour guide wanted us to see the whole hall in the light but there is a lead in the glass and it makes it little bit gray, but still transparent. The painting of the ceiling was painted on the canvas and later with a special technique it was attached to the ceiling. It's 400 square meters big.

And as you can see here, that was and end if this great trip. Well if you'll decide to go Kroměříž... May I suggest the best souvenirs? :D Yes, these beers!

Thank you for reading and see ya soon guys! Watch me on my Instagram, be awesome and happy!

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