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Summer is coming so fast and I can't wait until I'll take on my swimsuit and go enjoy some delightful sunshine and outdoor swimming. Since the end of winter, everyone is trying to put down some Christmas kilos to look their best when they'll hit the pool. Well, I won't be one of them, since my body is still in the after-Christmas phase. This May I was eating like a little piglet. Still, it was so much worth it. If you want to eat some great food during your visit to Prague, try these places.

This article is not really for people who wants to be "skinny healthy", but for those who wants to enjoy some good time at Prague and of course, great food.

And first I want to talk about one place I spent last month and a half. It was a waffle house.


(Eng. version: "The balanced diet is with a waffle in one hand and pancake in the other." By the way - how do you like my child-like handwriting? :D)

First time I got to know about this small bistro style place was during April. They were looking for new workers so I took that chance and I was working there from half of April till half of May. Even when there are a couple of things I would like to change about WAF-WAF (which made me leave this company, because after a month I couldn't face anymore all the trouble that discouraged me from working there), I have to confess my love to their waffles. Guys, look at this. I spammed my own Instagram with these precious waffles many times.

(Ingredients: Chocolate topping, raspberries, vanilla topping and whipped cream.)

(Ingredients: Maple syrup, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and sugar.)

Their waffles are crispy "Belgian" style (and I was surprised, I never knew before that in Belgium waffles are so popular) and the best combination is with maple syrup and fresh fruits. I'm in love, really. And don't be a p#ssy and try it as well with bacon, sour cream, arugula, egg, and tomatoes. It's great lunch sandwich. Still, seriously try their sweet waffles, because it's a great food porn like anything else.

(Ingredients: Nutella, strawberries, banana, vanilla ice-cream, Kinder Bueno, raspberries.)

So how does it work in WAF-WAF? You'll come into a small bistro, you'll order from their menus which are already with prices or you can make your own combination of toppings and ingredients. You can put on your waffle as many stuff as you like. Oreos, Kinder Surprise, Nutella, chocolate, caramel, strawberries, raspberries, nuts, sugar, Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher... Glob, they have around 50 and more ingredients, so you'll be in a sweet heaven. And did I forgot to mention that they are making crepes, salty and sweet as well? Yop, and it's as good as it sounds and looks!

(This is maybe a future breakfast menu! Ingredients: small pancake with baby spinach, mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes and balsamic and arugula.)

After the opening of this small place, they've been planning to make a garden in front of the bistro and even one in the garden of the building. Which is really good call, since the bistro is really tiny - it has around six, seven tables and when it's packed, it feels really claustrophobic. And it's quite unfortunate that they choose to have a self-serving system - you'll pick your food, sit by the table (if there's one free) and cooks will call your name when your order is ready. That does work in the Starbucks company but small and crowded WAF-WAF is sometimes really noisy so the servers are screaming your name and you don't have to know what's happening because even then you don't hear your own voice.

For one waffle you'll pay 74,- Kč and pancake is 84,- Kč, all the ingredients you have to pay in addition. So for a waffle with around four ingrediences you'll pay around 120,-Kč. You'll find WAF-WAF at the street of Milady Horáková 52. They are doing take out as well!

Mr. HotDoG

(Source: From neo_dimi Instagram account)

After almost a month I was quite fed up by all pancakes and waffles so I tried something else. This simple looking American-style bistro is just a couple streets from WAF-WAF so I enjoyed here my lunch pause. And after one visit I know that I'll come back because Mr. HotDoG is awesome, cool as hell and delicious. By the way, there's really good looking guy in the kitchen.

It's not the same style of service as at WAF-WAF. You can sit wherever you want and the waitress will serve you. From small sliders to the big chili hot dogs with fries, you can have anything. This place is awesome for all the people who gives a funk about some stupid diets and wants to have so Glob damn good meat in a bun. For the first time, me I ordered this big guy - chili cheese hot dog with grilled sausage, cheddar, fresh chopped onion, jalapeňo peppers and beef chili. Since it was a really hot day and I was sitting in the garden, during my lunch I was sweating like a sinner in the church. Still, it was sooo worth it!

Please don't forget your drinking habits, you can't ruin your summer day with dehydratation. They serve here fantastic beer, Vinohradská 11tka.

(Source: From tudyshellInstagram account)

So my chili cheese dog will cost you 119,- Kč, big beer is for 45,- Kč. And I can't forget to tell you that these guys are also making an eating competition. So if you really love big spicy dogs, this place is for you! Mr. HotDoG is in the Kamenická street num.24!


(Source: Angelato Instagram account)

Would you like something refreshing? Well if you're in Prague during summer, you can't miss the most famous ice-cream shop. Yop, somehow it happened that I'm working here right now. And I'm still amazed by their ice-creams and all flavors they're offering. Angelato is in the Prague for more than five years and they are famous for their natural, without artificial flavors ice-creams. All flavors they're selling are gluten-free (which is in my opinion quite unnecessary, if you really don't have allergic reactions from gluten in the food) and sorbets that don't contain milk.

Angelato makes seasonal flavors and this summer is famous for its Black ash coconut ice-cream. As the name suggests, you can actually taste the ash and coconut milk. This flavor is pretty sweet but the containing ash makes it weird. So three things can happen during your visit at Angelato, if you'll buy this ice-cream. You'll love the taste. The taste of the ash will be quite weird for you but nevermind, you only want this for your Instagram feed (because the Black Ash coconut looks seriously really good on Instagram pictures). Or you'll hate it and never try it again.

1) You'll love the taste and with satisfaction will leave the shop with your great ice-cream.
2) The taste of the ash will be quite weird for you but nevermind, you only want this for your Instagram feed (because the Black Ash coconut looks seriously really good on Instagram pictures). Or you'll hate it and never try it again.
3) Or you'll hate it and throw it in the nearest trashcan.

Well, surprisingly, I was the first case.

(Black Ash coconut and lemon ice-cream)

My other really favorite flavors are Peanut Butter and Pistacia. If you'll combine these two, your mouth will go straight to the foodgasm.

And if you still won't have ice-cream hangover, please try Mango flavor. No one can say that it's bad - it's the best fruit flavor Angelato is selling. Well, of course, I love lemon flavor since I was a kiddo, but mango from Angelato is something really special. Other flavors I would gladly recommend are Salty Caramel, Tiramisu, Rhubarb, Yogurt, Coffe... Glob, I don't know anymore, everything is good there!

In Angelato you pay for a number of portions (scoops). So if you want to have one portion for yourself, you'll pay 40,- Kč. If you want to have two portions into one cone, it's 75,- Kč. But if it's one portion into one cone and the other one into another, you'll pay 80,- Kč. Same system here. If you want to have for yourself two portions into one cone and for other human being two scoops as well, you'll pay together 150,- Kč. If it seems too much for you, well you should know that one scoop is between 90-100 grams. So it's quite a lot of great ice-cream.

So finally you should know where to find this ice-cream heaven. Angelato has two shops - at Újezd and Rytířská street, where is much bigger space for you to sit and enjoy your ice-cream with coffee or some good tea. You can even take half of the liter or the whole liter of ice-cream with you, the server will pack in the box flavors of your choice.

Thanks again for reading guys! You'll find me on my Instagram account and if you want to write me / meet me in the Prague, try my email: vera.dolezel@gmail.com. Beautiful and memorable May to you all!


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