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Únor 2018

Prince on a white horse: Another love story that seriously sucks

20. února 2018 v 2:02 | Veronika, Queen of Hearts |  That Czech Girl Said
Sometimes I feel like lots of girls are trying hard to present the whole world how the real love should look like today. Every day we can easily stray once or twice into one of those Instagram accounts with pictures of enormous roses arrangements, pieces of jewelry that they've got for every possible holiday that came around, expensive trips with their baes around the world, or occasional presents from Victoria's Secret. It sounds - and looks - so awesome. Like stepping into Cinderellas wet dream. All because they have met that Right Hunk.

Well, you can easily guess from what side of the reality I want to write this story. My love life sucks but still, I consider myself as a quite lucky girl because things could always turn to be seriously much worse if you're stuck with a wrong person (even if there are roses and full bags of expensive sexy undies).

This time I escaped unharmed from possibly very dangerous and hurtful relationship, only with my heart a little shaken from the aftershock. In this story, you should not expect flowers, pictures from romantic getaways or any heart-melting declarations of love as before. Wanna read about my another shitty relationship? Well prepare for yourself some popcorn and booze cause this is gonna be pretty fucked up (but still hope that you're gonna enjoy that though).